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You’re in the right place…Or not?

If there’s a word to describe your financial situation now, what would it be?

Fantastic, Satisfying, Disappointing or I-DON’T-KNOW?

Whether you’ve been struggling to save a cent, to plan for retirement or you’ve been dragging your feet to work every day – you’re in the right place. 

I know you.

Deep down, you’ve one of the wildest dreams that you want to achieve. You want to take charge of your life. You want to work on your own terms. And you want to be the only one who calls the shots…

But, probably you…

– have no idea where to start.

– don’t have the courage to give it a try.

– don’t have the relevant knowledge and experience.

Trust me, you’re not alone! And I’m here to help. 

You can’t do it only if you think you can’t.

What You Can Expect from Me

The brutal truth is that you know the importance of saving money, retirement planning, investing early and what not. But nothing has changed…

You may be overwhelmed with all the advice around. And you’ve not seen any results. 

And here I’m going to share with you what you really need.

You’ll get the practical tips to achieve your goal. Rather than spewing out all the theories and picturing in your mind the success stories of those financial moguls, I will show you the step-by-step guide.

I’ll make things a-heck-of-a-lot easier for you by breaking down the fundamentals of investing for a layman. I’ll share with you the effective systems to save money, grow your money, plan for retirement, just to name a few. More importantly, I’ll also help you improve your willpower and build good habits to stay in control of your money.

And of course, I’ll also share with you all my successes and failures throughout my journey.

This blog gonna be the go-to resource for you to rebuild your wealth.


My Story

Hi! My name is Desmond Mar, a chartered accountant. I was previously working as an auditor at PwC KL. I’m obsessed with money management and passionate about helping others to improve their financial literacy.

Remember I was only 5 years old. One day my mum walked into my room. She was shocked when she saw me ironing my bank notes. Glad that I didn’t burn my money. Phew! But her jaws dropped.

Looks like I’ve a deep affection for it since I was a kid. But let me make it clear, I’m not one of those stingy and penny-pinching kinds of people. I’m a big fan of frugal living but also a strong proponent of living in the moment. I don’t sacrifice my social needs just because I want to save more.

I didn’t quit my job because I hated it. In fact, I’ve no regrets. It prepared me to embrace the challenges in my next stage of life. You can read my post – 4 Life Lessons I’ve Learned as an Auditor if you want to find out more about my career life.

It’s all about timing. When you’ve more than enough savings for emergencies, you know how to manage your own finances and make better money decisions, you can have peace of mind at night while chasing your wild dreams.

And now I want to help you build your own dream too by taking baby steps. The very first step is to invest in yourself. You might lose everything in life but not knowledge and experience, the only elements that help you breakthrough in life. It’s also the only investment that gives you unlimited returns.

Still with Me?

If you’re still with me, sweet. You rock!

Seems like you’re not annoyed with me for blowing my own trumpet. LOL! I believe to some extent, we share the same goal in life. To make the most of our money and life!

Before I go, I would like to ask YOU to become one of my next virtual BFFs.

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I will do my very best to share with you all the useful tips, effective strategies and definitive guides every week to help you with your journey.

And hey buddy, thanks for visiting. I truly appreciate it.

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